Epson Toyocom FC-13F World’s Thinnest Tuning-Fork Crystal Unit

Epson Toyocom Corporation has begun volume production of the FC-13F ultra-thin SMD-type tuning-fork crystal unit. Demand for thinner electronic devices continues to increase in the mobile device market led by portable media players. The FC-13F meets this demand by utilizing QMEMS and high precision mounting technologies to achieve the world’s thinnest tuning-fork crystal unit with a maximum thickness of just 0.6 mm. It provides almost the same performance as the previous FC-135 model with only two-thirds the thickness.

Except for thickness, the Epson Toyocom FC-13F has the same external dimensions as the FC-135 currently in production. This enables the sharing of existing production equipment, giving the flexibility needed to meet demand for thinner devices as it increases.

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