EVOKE-1XT Marshall Edition DAB Digital Radio

The EVOKE-1XT Marshall Edition radio is the product of three leading British companies: PURE, Marshall Amplification and Planet Rock. The EVOKE-1XT Marshall Edition mixes the legendary style of the world’s leading guitar amplifiers, the classic content of the UK’s leading rock digital radio station, and PURE’s iconic EVOKE-1XT DAB radio. EVOKE-1XT Marshall Edition radio is wrapped in black vinyl, just like a Marshall amp, with solid wood construction, brass-effect control panel and a black metallic speaker grille. The fierce red on black display features adjustable brightness and the volume dial goes up to 11.

Dab.jpgThe radio has both a countdown timer and a radio/tone alarm. A USB connector allows product updates to be loaded from the Internet so the radio can be kept up to date with any software changes. A headphone socket lets users rock out in private.EVOKE-1XT Marshall Edition can be upgraded to stereo with the optional XT-1 add-on matching speaker, which is designed to complement the EVOKE-1XT Marshall Edition in every way.EVOKE-1XT Marshall Edition costs around £99.99 (inc. VAT).

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  1. John Wagner

    I would like to buy the Evoke DAB Radio but I don’t know the frequency coverages. But, the concept is the future of radio, especially the ability to download software updates. I am a radio hobbyist and that is not an often seen feature. 73 John

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