Fujitsu develops high-sensitivity receiver chip that will pave the way to high-capacity Gigabit-class Wireless communication devices

Fujitsu today announced development of a high-sensitivity receiver chip that will pave the way to high-capacity, gigabit-capable wireless devices operating at 240GHz in the millimeter-wave frequency band. The 240GHz band is a frequency range over 100 times wider than that used by typical mobile devices today (0.8–2GHz), which should enable a 100-fold increase in communications capacity. To achieve such an increase, however, requires amplifiers with high amplification ratios that can receive signals that have become very faint when transmitted through the air.

Fujitsu and Fujitsu Laboratories have developed a technology for multistage amplifiers that increases amplification ratios while suppressing an amplifier’s oscillator effect, and a technology that efficiently transmits the amplifier’s output signal to the next stage. The result is that the receiver chip’s sensitivity is increased roughly tenfold, making possible the reception of large data volumes by smartphones or other mobile devices using a compact antenna.

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