Fujitsu Semiconductor announces Worlds Fastest CMOS 14-bit Digital-to-Analog Converter

Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe (FSEU) today announces its first 3rd generation high performance Digital to Analog Converter Application Specific Standard Product (ASSP). The MB86066 ‘Anakin’ DAC combines 14-bit resolution with a market-defining conversion rate of up to 12GS/s. The new product will deliver benefits to, amongst other applications, broadband communications systems, multi-band radio communications systems and test and measurement equipment. Building on Fujitsu’s market-leading position for 1 and 1.3GS/s DACs, which enable superior high Direct-IF architectures, the leap in conversion rate to 12GS/s makes Direct-RF a reality.

Such performance is key to enabling true single-platform designs, capable of multi-band as well as multi-mode air interface agnostic signal synthesis. The device is housed in an 324-ball plastic flip-chip BGA package, measuring 15 x 15mm. Power consumption is only 2.2W when operating at 12GS/s, with both filters enabled, reducing to as low as 950mW at 5.3GS/s for cable modem applications.

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