Google TV launched in Korea with LG Uplus

Google launched its television service Google TV in South Korea with mobile carrier LG Uplus. The new Internet protocol television service called u+tv G allows TV viewers to access web-based Google features such as YouTube, Google apps and other services with a set-top box. Korea has one of the best broadband penetrations, which Google and LG Uplus believe are elements for the success of our new service said Lee Won-jin, vice president of Google’s new product division for Asia Pacific, during a launch event at Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Seoul.

LG said that all content, such as channels, video on demand and those of Google, are all searchable together while viewing. Through near field communication (transmitting radio signals over near distances without wires), meaning placing a smartphone near the set-top box, will allow users to view television content on their phones as well and vice versa. LG Uplus boasts 119 premium channels, such as CNN and Disney, and included eight new ones absent in previous releases.

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The charge for the television service was noticeably low, being only 9,900 won ($8.95) a month for a three year contract.

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