Head mount display i-theater for iPod video

The head mount display “i-theater” sold by Mikimoto Beans can be connected directly to iPod video to enjoy theater like experience. The i-theater with the 2 inch /320×240 pixels organic EL display, optical lens and electronic device are installed in a single light weight body. The head mount display consists of the display section and converter section. Besides an earphone jack you have AV input terminal with volume adjustment. The built in lithium ion battery can be charged via USB port of a PC.You can enjoy large pictures any where by connecting the i-theater to a portable DVD player, video player etc. In short enjoy the pleasure of watching your favoutrite movies etc at home with true theatre like feeling. Feel like enjoying a movie on a 50 inches screen from 2.5m with the head mount display.

Measuring 170×195×35mm, i-theater weighs a mere 78g while the converter measures 38×98×11.5mm and weighs 50g.The Mikimoto Beans marketed i-theater will be available from July 25th for approximately 29,800yen ($2600).
Via – Mikimoto