Hello Kitty LCD TV

Dynaconnective, Japan today announced the launch of Hello Kitty LCD TV-. DY-133KT. The 13.3” LCD TV in the shape of Hello Kitty face comes with a matching remote control. The remote control is in the shape of Hello Kitty bow tie. When the LCD TV is turned on, the face of Hello Kitty comes on the screen for one minute. Hello Kitty LCD TV-. DY-133KT will be available from Sanrio stores in Japan from December 24 for approximately 49,800yen ($563).

Technical specification of Hello Kitty LCD TV is as follows- Resolution1, 280 × 800 pixels, Contrast ratio: 500 to 1, Response time-16ms. The LCD TV measures 414x 372×149 mm and weighs approximately 2.3kg