Hitachi Cinema Star HDDs for Altech UEC PVR Products

Altech UEC – South Africa’s largest set-top box manufacturer – has selected Hitachi’s CinemaStar hard drives for its line of personal video recorders (PVR). With capabilities like Smooth Stream technology and “bedroom quiet” acoustics, the CinemaStar hard drive is optimized for PVR applications and allows Altech UEC customers to record and store up to 80 hours of their favorite shows. The CinemaStar hard drive will be used in Altech UEC’s current DVR 3000 and DVR 831 video recorders in addition to Altech UEC’s new MPEG-4 standard-definition and high-definition PVRs.

The DVR3000 recorder is equipped with the 250GB CinemaStar hard drive and features a triple-tuner solution. This allows the viewer to record one programme, time-shift live events on a second channel and view a third programme simultaneously. The DVR831 Recorder, with the 160GB CinemaStar hard drive, allows viewers to record one programme and time-shift live events on a second channel.