Hitachi Maxell Launches World’s First Shock resistant iVDR Xtreme for Commercial Broadcasting

Hitachi Maxell will launch the world’s first iVDR for commercial broadcasting, iVDR Xtreme, which features significantly higher shock resistance, and a compatible adapter from December. Maxell iVDR Xtreme features heightened shock resistance and outstanding functionality for editing processes in broadcasting operations. The reverberation of external shocks from the case to the hard disc drive is inhibited by a buffer material that separates the hard disc drive from the case. Consequently, iVDR Xtreme is resistant to shocks from falls of 140cm. The compatible adaptor for iVDR Xtreme incorporates USB and IEEE 1394b (FireWire 800) interfaces. Therefore, according to the application required, iVDR Xtreme can be connected to cameras, editing equipment, and PCs compatible with USB or IEEE 1394b (FireWire 800) hosts. In addition, the adapter includes a lock function to prevent iVDR Xtreme falling out even when the adapter is being carried.

Maxell’s iVDRs are the first removable cassette-type hard disk drives to incorporate copyright protection technology. Compatible with SATA (Serial ATA) interfaces, which enable high-speed data transfer, Hitachi iVDR Xtreme realizes advanced performance for hi-vision-quality recording and editing. Hitachi iVDR Xtreme promises to become a bridge media that will complement nonlinear editing networks in the broadcasting industry by enabling the transfer or storage of material data and edited content.