Hypertools VS-481 4-way HDMI selector

The Hypertools Corporation 4-way HDMI selector VS-481 provides seamless connection between HDMI interface sources and a high-definition display. It links any four HDMI sources (DVD players, satellite set-top box, etc.) to one HDMI input display and eliminates the need to disconnect and reconnect between multiple HDTV sources. LED indicators on the front panel conveniently show you which component is selected and the HDMI selector maintains 1080p resolutions. Hypertools VS-481 is compatible with all HDMI-equipped, HDCP-enabled HDTV devices.

The HDMI selector VS-481 switches between up to 4 sources with HDMI signal by switch-buttons or with remote control. The Hypertools Corporation 4-way HDMI selector VS-481 measures 200×80×25mm, weighs 450g and is available from July 4th for approximately 19,950 Yen ($).The package includes AC adapter and 1.8m HDMI cable.