Japan Display and NHK Media Technology adds video playback function to their 17.0-inch Light Field Display

Japan Display and NHK Media Technology today announced that they have added a video playback function to the”17.0-inch Light Field Display” which has been under joint research and development between the two companies, and have realized next-generation 3D video. The “17-inch light field display”, based on JDI’s 17-inch 8K LCD, reproduces the reflected light from an object that corresponds to the actual visible position, thereby realizing natural-looking images without any special 3D glasses. Just by ordinary viewing it is able to express extremely realistic images. Using the latest digitizing and computer graphics production technologies, combined with digital content compressed with newly-created non-linear algorithms, the system provides unprecedented representation of natural images.
JDI and NHK-MT have collaborated to develop a new system that converts multiple light field images arranged in a tiled pattern into a compressed pixel array format suitable for the light field display in real time. With this system it is possible to reproduce an 8K light field video by using a practical playback device. With this new system, 3D videos may be seen without any special glasses and without eye and/or brain fatigue, and can be expected to be used in various applications, such as digital archiving, education and medical fields, etc. JDI and NHK-MT plan to start mass production of this product during their common FY2019 period, April 1, 2019 through March 31, 2020.

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