JVC develops Super-Thin LCD Technology for 32-inch television displays

JVC has developed next-generation super-thin LCD technology for 32-inch television displays. The significant reduction in thickness and weight allow greater flexibility in the design and layout of commercial and household visual environments. Integrating a new optical system and modular LCD construction, JVC technology has made possible the company’s thinnest and lightest LCD television display at just .28 inch (7mm) in depth and 11lbs (5kg) in weight.

JVC developed new optical elements to realize this new LCD technology, overcoming technological restraints on thin displays to deliver an energy-efficient, high-resolution display exhibiting high contrast and luminance uniformity and a wide color palette .JVC will exhibit a 32-inch LCD TV prototype equipped with the technology at a private Venue in Las Vegas, Nevada from Wednesday, January 7 through Saturday, January 10.