KFE Japan 3.1 Mega Pixel Digital Video Camera

A concentration of features, the Pocket DV308 EXEMODE 3.1 Mega Pixel Digital Video Camera from KFE Japan uses SD card for recordings. The pocket DV308 allows you to make video recordings with sound with a VGA resolution in MPEG-4 format and still picture in XviD format (JPEG) easily. The built in flash makes the DV308 perfectly usable even in poorly lit conditions. The superb 2.4″ (diagonal) LCD rotating screen allows you to film or to photograph using any angle of your choice with up to 8x digital zoom. You can use up to 2GB SD card for recording. Video can be shot in 640×480 resolution (30fps). The Pocket DV 308 does not limit itself to digital imaging.

kfe2.jpg It also has an MP3 player feature which will allow you to listen to your favorite music. It is also equipped with a TV output and a USB 2.0 port for viewing or transferring your work. The KFE DV308 3.1 Mega Pixel Digital Video Camera measures 34×71×95mm, weighs 143g (without batteries) and is available for approximately of 19,800 Yen ($170).
Via KFE (Japanese)