Korean Phone Makers to Debut latest Handsets at 3GSM World Congress

The world’s biggest telecom event, 3GSM World Congress opens in Barcelona, Spain today. GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Telecommunication and it’s the wireless system used in 80 percent of the world. This year, some 1,200 operators and manufacturers will introduce the new technologies and devices that should make up the market in a couple of years. It’s expected that new and improved 3G (third generation) handsets will dominate the event. In terms of function, many of the new 3G handsets feature video phone capability and high-speed wireless Internet, with designs incorporating larger displays and slimmer bodies.
Samsung, Korea’s largest electronics maker, will unveil its touch-screen Ultra Smart F700 to go up against Apple’s iPhone and LG Electronics’ Prada Phone, both released last month. Samsung will also introduce the world’s slimmest handset at just 5.9mm- Ultra Edition 5.9.LG Electronics will present its Prada Phone to the European market.

Developed with Italian fashion house Prada, the phone is expected to hit shelves in Europe next month for 600 euros ($780). LG will also unveil its 3G LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology developed with Canadian telecom equipment maker Nortel. The new technology allows wireless Internet at speeds two to four times faster than at present. Nokia, the world’s largest cell phone maker, plans to introduce a new handset that enables wireless transmitting of pictures and video clips to other gadgets.
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