Kyocera develops Worlds First Wavelength-Selective Crystal 1/2 Wave Plate

Kyocera has developed the industry’s first wavelength-selective crystal 1/2 wave plate which enables multi-use and simultaneous use of three wavelengths. The 1/2 wave plate — the core component used in laser equipment — applies the excellent optical properties of crystals. The new product was successfully developed with advanced wave plate simulation technologies, optical thin film coating technologies, and high-quality synthetic crystal development and thin film processing technologies cultivated over many years, all proprietary to Kyocera Kinseki Corporation — a wholly owned subsidiary of Kyocera Corporation engaged in the development and manufacturing of crystal devices.

The product helps reduce the number of components required in laser devices that use several wavelengths, making these devices more simple and compact. Kyocera will also apply its technologies to offer wave plates compatible with more than the three wavelengths listed above or those other than the YAG laser to meet customer needs.