Kyocera touch-sensitive glass/glass touch panel LCD series available up to 19 inches

Kyocera, a pioneer in the field of fine ceramic products and a manufacturer of industrial liquid crystal displays, is extending its touch panel line. The touch-sensitive displays are now available in sizes of up to 19 inches. Compared with film on glass systems, the new glass on glass technology achieves higher reliability and enhanced image presentation. Use of the highly transparent glass substrate reduces the scattering of incident light rays and achieves a clear view of the display without any distortion. The use of glass on both sides guarantees enhanced durability and hermetically seals the touch panel as well. As a result, the touch panel is ideally protected against condensation – even in areas subject to high humidity.

Thanks to its special construction, the touch-sensitive glass/glass touch panel LCD series from Kyocera offers improved readability and greater reliability than the film/glass structure of conventional LCD touch panel combinations. The displays with touch panel are available with immediate effect and are supplied in the ranging from 3.5 to 19 inches