LG unveils its newest premier TM2792 Personal Smart TV at IFA 2012 in Berlin

LG unveiled its newest premier TM2792 Personal Smart TV at IFA 2012 in Berlin. The ultimate entertainment platform, the TM2792 allows users to enjoy a vast array of innovative features including LG Smart TV functionality, CINEMA 3D and CINEMA SCREEN Design, while providing amazing picture quality with IPS technology.

In-plane switching (IPS) technology is utilized in the TM2792 Personal Smart TV for an absorbing and highly detailed home entertainment experience. IPS produces more lifelike images, reducing eye fatigue with increased viewing angles. Popular VOD films or family-favorite homemade videos can all be viewed in Full HD quality without any color distortion when viewed sitting, standing, or lying in any position.

LG’s widely acclaimed motion and wheel controlled Magic Remote allows easier navigation of content on LG’s user-friendly Home Dashboard. The TM2792 comes with LG’s CINEMA 3D technology offering an unmatched level of comfort with lightweight, battery-free glasses that are also certified flicker-free – further reducing strain on the eyes. 3D Sound Zooming enhances the 3D experience by simulating the movement of sound in correlation to the movement of images on the screen. LG The TM2792 creates the perfect environment for immersive 3D viewing anywhere in the home. TM2792 will be offered in European markets starting in September.

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