LG 32PC5RV world’s only 32-inch Plasma TV

LG announced its first 32-inch plasma TV, the 32PC5RV, to be launched in Brazil this monthThis flat panel TV is an affordable solution for buyers looking for plasma TVs in a small size ranges where LCD TVs are dominant.The 32-inch LG 32PC5RV wide flat panel TV is the fastest growing segment in the industry, as the large-size market is becoming saturated. The LG 32PC5RV’s 16:9 aspect ratio screen makes it ideal for watching high-quality sources such as DVDs without eye fatigue. With a 0.001 ms response time, the 32PC5RV can keep up with the fastest moving action movies and sporting events. Once home, it is easy to connect devices such as DVD players and home theater systems to the TV’s HDMI or component ports, as LG’s SIMPLINK technology makes it easy to control an array of compatible devices with a single remote control.

Even though producing this smaller plasma TV was challenging both technologically and cost-wise, LG was able to keep costs low and quality high by simplifying the manufacturing process. LG trimmed costs further by reducing packaging to the point where they can ship two of these TVs in the same space it used to take to ship just one. The new LG plasma TV 32PC5RV will also be released in 27 nations worldwide by November, including countries in Central/South and North America, Europe, CIS region, North and Southwest Asia and the Middle East.