LG Display Full HD 3D LCD panel boasts worlds highest brightness

LG Display has succeeded in developing a Full HD 23-inch 3D LCD panel with enhanced brightness for monitors.The LG Display 3D panel employs LG Display’s proprietary technology to realize Full HD images with twice the brightness of conventional 3D LCD panels. The product boasts the world’s highest brightness among 3D displays. 3D LCDs apply time-sequential technologies so that the right and left eyes see different images. This makes the images look three-dimensional for human eye. In conventional 3D LCDs, the technologies were generally installed outside the panel or into the viewing glass. However LG Display embedded most of the 3D technologies directly in the panel, which enabled this product to make 3D viewing brighter and overcome the previous technical limitations.

Specifically, 3D viewing is possible with low-priced polarized glasses—translating into economical benefits for the consumers, while conventional 3D LCD panels usually require special viewing glasses which are costlier. LG Display will showcase its new Full HD 23-inch 3D LCD panel with enhanced brightness and more during the upcoming Society for Information Displays (SID) 2009 in San Antonio, Texas U.S.A.