LG Display to showcase cutting-edge environment friendly products at FPD International 2008

LG Display announced today that will showcase a wide range of market-leading technology and products at FPD (Flat Panel Display) International 2008 to be held at the Pacifico Yokohama (Exhibition Hall) in Japan from October 29 to 31. The company’s product line-up will include a ‘non-reflective LCD’ for the information display market, an ultra-slim 47-inch TV panel with a thickness of just 11.8mm, and an oval shaped 6-inch product and a round 1.4-inch product that break the preconceived notion that panels have to be rectangular’. Also on exhibit will be an 11.5-inch flexible LCD and the 2X2 3D Multi-vision LCD, which is composed of four 42-inch panels and allows viewers to enjoy 3D images without wearing special glasses.

LG Display will show cutting-edge, environment friendly products which consume less energy and require fewer parts while still offering crisp, high-resolution images. Among the exhibits will be the
42-inch ‘Shine Out LCD’ which boasts the world’s lowest reflection ratio (below 0.5%), 15-inch double-sided reflective LCD that displays images on both sides using natural light without the need for a backlight and 42-inch LCD featuring LED backlight along with ‘local dimming’ and ‘optimal power control’ that lowers power consumption by 40%.