LG full HD LCD TV provides a wide-viewing angle of 176 degrees with clearer picture

LG Taiwan is promoting In-Plane Switching (IPS) and double frame rate technology in the LCD panels used in its ultra-thin full HD LCD TVs, and the company aims to ship more than 100,000 LCD TVs in the local Taiwan market in 2008. While LCD TV panels plays a decisive role in the quality of LCD TVs, LG Taiwan is highlighting its adoption of in-plane switching (IPS) technology to provide a wide-viewing angle of 176 degrees and double frame rate for a more clear picture.

The IPS (in-plane switching) LCD is a horizontal electric field type LCD created by Hitachi. The simple movement of liquid crystal elements revolving in parallel with the glass substrates has realized this wide viewing angle LCD, where changes of color tone due to the viewing angle or gradation are so slight that the natural picture can be seen from any angle vertically or horizontally. The AS-IPS technology modified for TVs has improved the aperture ratio by approx. 30% compared with conventional products to produce higher brightness. It also features improved color reproducibility.