LG SMART TV delivers deliver entertainment value in real life through TV applications

LG’s SMART TV exhibit at IFA features four main concepts: Easy, Fun, More and Better. As the name suggests, Easy is about convenience of use, which LG achieves through a convenient Home Dashboard that lets viewers use applications and access a range of premium content all on a single screen. Just like an Internet portal, Home Dashboard helps viewers select their favorite content instantly without having to browse numerous websites. Used in conjunction with the Home Dashboard, the Magic Motion Remote Control serves up a truly intuitive interface and experience, making the SMART TV LG’s most user-friendly home entertainment product yet.

Focusing on lifestyle-oriented content, Fun shows how LG’s SMART TVs can deliver entertainment value in real life through TV applications. Use the Magic Motion Remote Control to fill in the pages of a coloring book app or learn about first aid through simulated emergency situations. Alternatively, they can pick up helpful tips for relaxation and exercise through a yoga app. LG’s advanced and easy SMART TV will launch in early 2011.