Marantz SD4051 full-featured dual-transport cassette deck.

The Marantz SD4051 full-featured dual-transport cassette deck with full remote control has auto reverse on both transports, as well as an auto reverse recording feature on the record side. The auto reverse recording works even during high-speed dubbing. The Marantz SD4051 with Dolby HX PRO automatically adjusts the sound recording bias to use for the tape selected for recording, eliminating operator error. Dolby HX PRO when recording controls the sound recording bias quantity automatically. The Dolby B decreases the hiss noise both in the playback and record deck. To make compilation tapes like a pro; the SD4051 allows users to control the pitch/speed of the playback transport. This deck makes excellent recordings; the durable tape heads keep the recordings and playback performance as clean as possible. A peak-level display and manual record level adjustment lets recordings be optimized for minimal distortion and noise floor.

The Marantz SD4051 with 16W power consumption measures 440×286×124mm and weighs 4kg.The deck with the new WEEE and RoHS European environmental regulations will be available from late August for approximately 36,750 Yen($320).