Maxell Rewritable 50GB Professional Disc for Sony XDCAM System

Hitachi Maxell will launch Professional Disc with rewritable 50GB recording capacity worldwide in December 2008, offering compatibility with dual layer Professional Disc system for Sony XDCAM system. Maxell’s new Professional Disc PD-50DL is a recording media which is specially designed for Professional Broadcasting optical disc system XDCAM, offering high capacity storage and fast transfer rate by introducing a blue-violet laser. Incorporated dual-layer structure on one side and optimized recording layer which is ideal for high density recording, Maxell achieved enormous 50GB recording capacity in addition to high dependability which was enabled by precise spin-coating and durable hard-coating technology.

Maxell’s new Professional Disc PD-50DL is fully compatible with MPEG HD422 recorder, offering outstanding picture and sound quality, and is capable of recording approximately 95 minutes with sampling rate 4:2:2 and recording bit rate 50Mbps.