Micron announces Single-Chip Microdisplay Panel

The new panel Micron announced today is a wide-screen quarter VGA (WQVGA) microdisplay solution designed to enable portable video and image projection for applications including head-mounted display products and embedded cell phone projectors. At the heart of the new WQVGA panel is ferroelectric liquid crystal on silicon (FLCOS) technology, which delivers superior image quality and color fidelity when compared to competing microdisplay technologies – all in a single, tiny package with minimal power requirements. The distinguishing advantage of FLCOS microdisplay technology is its fast switching speed which is up to 100x faster than traditional LCOS technology.

The WQVGA panel is an integrated solution, incorporating the display panel and control circuitry in a compact all-in-one package. Consuming only 85 milliwatts, the product is low in power, ideal for applications where portability and battery life is most critical.