Microvision Integrated Photonics Module Brings Big Screen experience to Small Devices

picoheader.jpgMicrovision the world leader in the development of light scanning technologies for high-resolution display and imaging systems announced today that it will unveil and demonstrate an ultra-thin, miniature full-color projection display small enough to be embedded in handheld devices including mobile phones during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. With Microvision’s IPM for mobile projection applications embedded into a device like a cell phone, the user realizes a visual experience where the image remains in focus at any distance, even on curved surfaces. The image has brilliant, saturated colors, from spectrally-pure lasers that provide exceptional contrast, giving depth and texture to the image in a continuous and uniform non-pixelated display.

The projection display solution of Microvision is optimized for high-volume manufacturing and is equipped with powerful projection display capabilities.