Mitsubishi 600-inch Diamond Vision large-scale LED display at Kumamoto City Japan consumes 80 percent less power compared to previous screen

Mitsubishi has completed installation of a 600-inch Diamond Vision large-scale LED display system at KKWING in Kumamoto City, Japan. Incorporating high-luminance light-emitting diodes (LEDs) aligned vertically and horizontally in a 12.5-millimeter dot pitch and the latest digital screen controllers, the new 13.2 meter × 7.6 meter screen is able to display high-definition video content. It will also cut down on energy consumption by 80 percent compared to the previous screen.

The new 600-inch screen replaced the previous electric discharge tube screen installed 10 years ago,
providing brighter and higher resolution live videos for the visitors of the Kumamoto Prefecture’s multiple-use athletics stadium and also one of the main home stadiums for the J2 soccer team Roasso Kumamoto.