Motorola launches Next-Generation high-definition set-tops

Motorola today announced a new generation of MPEG-4 advanced video compression set-tops that reinforce the company’s leadership position in the digital video market. The DCX series is packed with technology that enables cablecos to bring more content to consumers today, while bridging the gap to the integrated applications and services of tomorrow. The Motorola DCX high-definition set-tops are loaded with features including HD video and surround sound audio capabilities, designed to deliver a superior digital cable viewing experience. TV viewers at home are able to enjoy advanced video services such as whole home DVR while the generous hard drives make it possible to time shift TV shows and store customer-created multimedia content. This stored content can then be shared with other compatible devices in the home, using the DCX as a multimedia hub.

As Motorola DCX high-definition set-tops combine MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 technologies, cablecos are able to maximize their investment in technologies today while transitioning to MPEG-4. DCX series is Motorola’s first MPEG-4 set-top for the cable industry; enabling on-demand and interactive digital cable programming in the home.