MSI Funtoro HD MOD vehicle infotainment system wins best choice award- the official award of Computes Taipei

The MSi Funtoro HD MOD (Media on Demand) System is specifically designed for operators and passengers of long-distance coaches and high-end tour buses. The Funtoro HD MOD (Media on Demand) System is the industry first to integrate the Coach Multi-Touch function. Passengers have their own personal space, each equipped with a 7- or 10-inch touch screen. A variety of multimedia entertainment, including HD movies, music, photos, Android games, live FM radio, satellite TV and web services, is accessible through the touch screen. This series of products have passed the TS-16949 certification, a must for entry to the OE market.

The MSi Funtoro HD MOD System integrates infotainment and telematics in one pack and is clearly the top choice for multimedia entertainment on mass transportation.

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