MSI launches its New Media Center PC

MSI Media Live is the latest addition to MSI’s Media Center PC family. The new MSI Media Center PC Features all the necessary multimedia PC connectors for connecting a wide range of peripherals, including a card reader which allows users to transfer pictures, digital video, music* or any type of data in less time. It also comes with a CD/DVD drives for playing music, movies and games, as well as writing data and video to disc.MSI Media Live is powered by AMD64 dual-core processors and designed to transform all things digital in your life. The AMD’s new generation PowerNow technology, effectively reduce electricity consumption of your PC. Also, you can control fan speed and noise according to the system temperature and reduce heat output from your PC by the innovative solution.

MSI Media Live supports High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) to deliver the best possible digital, high-definition video for a superior viewing experience. The NVIDIA integrated graphics allows the MSI Media Live to work well without the need for add-on VGA card when playing 3D games and also includes NVIDIA PureVideo to deliver crisp, vibrant video to the PC. MSI Media Live features 12-in-1 card reader.