NEC Launches New Lui-Branded Personal Solutions toward PC-based Digital Lifestyles

NEC,Japan announced the launch of new personal solutions on Japan under a new brand “Lui,” toward PC-based digital lifestyles. Based on the new brand concept, NEC has launched a new generation of home server/client solutions that enable centralized management of digital contents in the home (e.g., video, music, and photos) on a home server PC, which will allow the user to enjoy contents on a PC or other terminal in any room in the house.
The home server PC can also be operated remotely from a compact, light weight, special terminal via the Internet or a home network. Coined from “Life with Ubiquitous Integrated Solutions,” the new brand Lui will anticipate new ways to use PCs and digital devices in advanced network environments, and will support new business for digital lifestyles in an era of ubiquitous technologies.

NEC plans to release the first products realizing these solutions in the first half of 2008 in Japan. These products will include the home server PC, the core of the home network, and two compact, light weight special client terminals: a PC Remoter Notebook type and a PC Remoter Pocket type.