Nexperia Mobile Multimedia Processor PNX0150

NXP Semiconductors today launched a music phone solution to recreate the scintillating experience of a personal audio player on your phone whilst still being able to deliver up to 100 hours of playback time. Besides increased playback time, consumers will be able to enjoy other benefits of a state-of-the-art music player while simultaneously using the standard functionality of their mobile phone such as high-speed download of content. The new Nexperia Mobile Multimedia Processor PNX0150 functions as a dedicated, power-optimized coprocessor independent of the host processor, lending the parallel computing power and efficiency for the music phone application. The coprocessor enables the phone to have transparent access to the storage media while playing and recording music, which consumes at most 12 milliamps (mA) of power from the battery, improving the battery life performance significantly. When combined with Nexperia Cellular System Solution 5210 already capable of delivering more than 20 hours of playback time, the PNX0150 increases play time by almost 300 percent to 70 hours while maintaining five hours of talk time, 750 hours of standby time and nine hours of video playback.

The new Nexperia Mobile Multimedia Processor PNX0150 supports the latest standards in Digital Rights Management (DRM) as well as a range of audio encoders and decoders, including MP3, WMA, AAC, e-AAC+, PCM and ADPCM, for playback and recording of music in multiple formats. Depending on handset requirements, the PNX0150 can also be embedded with a high-speed USB controller, ADCs and DACs, headphone amplifier and an analog radio bypass.