NTT Succeed in World’s Top-Level 400-Gbps Transmission Field Trial

NTT, NEC and Fujitsu today announced that they have achieved a successful transmission test of the world’s top-level, 400Gbps/channel-class digital coherent optical transmissions technology, marking a step toward commercialization. The test, with 400Gbps-class signals multiplexed up to 62 channels, verified fiber-optic transmissions of 12.4-24.8Tbps wavelength division multiplexed signals having different capacities for each modulation method at distances ranging from several thousand kilometers up to 10,000km.

0NTT_World’s Top-Level 400-Gbps Transmission Field Trial_fujitsu
This success is a step toward expanding the optical communication capacity by four times that of the currently installed 100-Gbps systems by using 400-G advanced digital coherent optical transmission technologies. This advancement will meet in a timely manner the rapidly increasing demand represented by the distribution of high definition 4K / 8K movies or an increase of the Internet of Things (IoT) toward the opening of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

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