OKI ultra-sensitive human-detecting sensor technology is capable of detecting minute movements including human breathing

OKI recently developed a human-detecting sensor technology capable of distinguishing between large movements (for example, a person walking about a room) to minute movements like breathing. This technology can detect even the minute movements of otherwise motionless persons, making it suitable for use in various applications, including advance warnings of health problems. OKI is currently seeking to apply this technology to areas ranging from security to the monitoring of elderly or people requiring long-term care.

The microwave sensors on which this technology is based do not require exposed sensor units, allowing the configuration of discreet, nonintrusive systems to reduce discomfort in privacy-sensitive locations. The sensors are capable of detecting motion through furniture or bedding and are unaffected by ambient temperature fluctuations or heat sources such as heaters, allowing use even in hot and humid locations like bathrooms. The technology is expected to be ideal for monitoring patients in homes or in hospitals.

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