OKI ML2611 World’s Smallest Stereo Speaker Amplifier

Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd .today announced sample shipments of its audio LSI, ML2611, with stereo-playback capable DAC (Digital Audio Converter), 3D surround functionality, and speaker amp all incorporated in a single chip. OKI developed audio DAC LSI ML2611 can easily improve sound quality in portable equipment such as mobile phones, PND (Portable Navigation Devices), and electronic dictionaries.

The Oki LSI, ML2611 achieves all this in the world’s smallest package size in the 16bit audio DAC with a size of 3.0mm x 3.2mm and is equipped with an authentic acoustic sound. Shipments of mass-production quantities of the new Oki LSI, ML2611 will begin in June of 2007.

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