Oki Visual Nexus ver4.0 Video Conference System can synthesize up to 16 screens

Oki has enhanced video functions of its video conference system Visual Nexus and unveiled Visual Nexus ver4.0. OKI improved the video resolution four-fold and increased the video synthesis function to synthesize up to 16 screens when using the conference server. The Oki Visual Nexus ver4.0 can be used not only for ordinary meetings, but also for meetings that require specific visuals, such as for evaluating designs by checking product components and operation. It can also be used for remote education training, interviews, consultations, etc. Visual Nexus ver4.0 includes the conference server (MCU) alone or with the PC client. The system can also connect with non-OKI video conferencing systems, enabling companies using different manufacturers’ products to easily install OKI’s system.

When annotations and diagrams are written on the data screen appearing on the PC, they will be forwarded to the video conference terminal. This enables users to share and see the same data on a PC or a video conferencing terminal. Though functions are enhanced and improved, the price is the same as previous versions, significantly improving cost performance.Visual Nexus ver4.0 will be showcased at the “ITpro EXPO 2008 Autumn,” which will be held from Oct. 15 at Tokyo, Japan.