Omron launches hand gesture recognition software with improved hand shape recognition accuracy

Omron today launched the new image sensing software “Hand Gesture V2” that allows users to interact with machines in a natural manner. With a wider range of recognizable angles — ±30 degrees left-right and ±20 degrees up-down — Omron’s new software enables users to manipulate machines using more natural types of hand gestures. “Hand Gesture V2” also includes a new fingertip position detection function, enabling it to also recognize a user’s hand gestures for mouse pointer movements.

OMRON_Hand Gesture Recognition_signs
Omron’s hand gesture recognition enables high-speed recognition while requiring only a small amount of memory. The technology allows users to control or manipulate devices in a more natural manner, such as operating a TV set by hand movements or releasing the shutter of a camera via a V-sign. Omron’s “Hand Gesture V2” will be unveiled at CEATEC JAPAN 2013.

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