Optoma PK102- pocket-sized projector with 4GB built in memory and VGA input

Optoma today announced the launch of new pocket-sized projector PK102 with 4GB built in memory. You can store images or video files and can directly project the same. The projector can play JPEG/MPEG-2/MPEG-4/RMVB/RM/WMV/DivX/XviD video files and JPEG / BMP images. The new projector can play MP3 files also. The built in speaker makes it easy to start your presentation straight away.

The Optoma PK102 (480 × 320 pixels) uses DLP Pico chipset and comes with a built in Li-ion battery. The projector measures 51x17x105 mm and weighs a mere 118 g(including battery).The Projector will be available in June for approximately 55,000 yen($570).