OSD 7 inch TFT LCD display

Onestopdisplays (OSD) has released a new 800xRGBx480 (WVGA) resolution TFT-LCD display with a digital RGB TTL interface and high-brightness LED backlight. This display features a digital RGB 18-bit TTL interface standard and additional backlight options. The panel offers a vibrant 400 nit brightness at 500:1 contrast. In addition to a vibrant LED backlight, this display features premium Kodak Brightness Enhancement Film (BEF) technology for vibrant and true color images. The high resolution and size of this panel make it perfect for high-content and industrial and automotive applications. Viewing angles for this design offer a wide 70/70/50/70 viewing cone (L/R/U/D).

This ultra-compact design measures only 165.0 x 104.0 x 6.5 mm (LxWxD). Even more remarkable than the performance, the new OSD070TN84 (without touch with T-Con) display has a starting price under $58.00 USD for 1k lots.