Panasonic 7.1ch AV amplifier SU-XR700

The new Panasonic 7.1ch AV amplifier SU-XR700 can be linked with HDMI cable for seamless connection with Panasonic VIERA Series TV’s and DIGA series DVD recorders from Panasonic. The HDMI connection eliminates the need to disconnect and reconnect between multiple sources. Pressing a single button on the VIERA TV remote control switches on the TV, receiver, and DVD recorder/player, displays the playback image, mutes the TV sound etc. Pumping out 100 watts per channel –the amplifier let you enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful sound inherent in DVD. The amplifier with sampling frequencies up to 192 kHz allows enjoying faithful reproduction of analog audio signals converted into 192 kHz/24-bit signals for even more quality listening pleasure. The Auto Speaker Detector function of SU-XR700 detects the connected speaker system and automatically adjusts the settings. The SA-XR700 is set for 7.1ch at the factory. If it is connected to a 5.1ch speaker system, the Auto Speaker Detector function will automatically switch the setting to 5.1ch.

SU-XR700 measures 430×390×107.5mm and weighs approximately 5.3kg. The Panasonic 7.1ch AV amplifier SU-XR700 will be available from September 1st for approximately 110,000 Yen ($950). Equipped with a host of input terminals, Panasonic’s full-digital amplifier SU-XR700 can serve as the core of a home theatre system that perfectly matches your AV lifestyle.
Via Panasonic (Japanese)