Panasonic D-dock micro stereo systems SC-SX850 and SC-SX450

Panasonic introduced today two new D-dock SD micro stereo systems, the SC-SX850 and SC-SX450. The Panasonic SC-SX850 D-dock stereo system has a 160 GB built-in hard disk drive (HDD) capable of storing up to 80,000 songs, while the SC-SX450, with an 80 GB HDD, can store up to 39,000 songs. The two micro stereos offer the world’s fastest high-speed copying capability – 12X speed from the CD to HDD. They can also transfer the data up to 16X speed from the HDD to SD Memory Card. In a world-first, these two new stereos can automatically identify and input song titles recorded in the analog mode. The stereos incorporate a database of 350,000 album titles so that users can obtain title information without accessing to the Internet. Universal dry dock SH-PD9 (sold separately) allows you to play your iPod with the micro stereo systems. The iPod automatically gets charged also when docked with the system.

The new D-snap audio players SV-SD800N and SV-SD400V work in tandem with the new D-dock micro stereo systems SC-SX850 and SC-SX450 to offer automatic pick up and fast recharging. By placing the new D-snap audio player in a D-dock stereo port, users can listen to a music sequence from the point of pausing without restarting from the beginning. The docking function also enables quick recharging. A 10-minute recharge can run the players for three hours. When fully charged, the players can continuously play up to 30 hours. The new Panasonic new D-dock micro stereo systems SC-SX850 and SC-SX450 will be available in Japan from September 8th.