Panasonic Develops New MEMS Microphone

Matsushita Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd. has developed a slim MEMS microphone suitable for portable electronic appliances typifying mobile phones. The new Panasonic MEMS microphone is constructed from an acoustic transducer (MEMS chip) made of MEMS technology and a CMOS amplifier, realizing low profile, at the same time, high heat resistance which enables Pb-free reflow solder mounting. The new MEMS microphone contributes to reducing the height of portable electronic appliances, as well as reducing the mounting cost in their production process.

The new Panasonic MEMS microphone contributes to realizing environment-conscious appliances by high heat resistance of 260 degree C which is required by Pb-free automatic reflow solder for print circuit board surface mounting. Sample shipment will start at the end of May 2007.