Panasonic HDMI Cable

Panasonic Corporation has launched HDMI cable RP-CDHG80 in 8m and RP-CDHG05 in 50cm.The cables are available in white and assures superior Audio or Video transmission signal, Digital Signal Transmission without deterioration of the sound and picture quality. The new Panasonic HDMI cable supports signal up to 1080p. Model RP-CDHG80 with built in passive equalizer circuit removes jitter with transmission signal strength maintained.

The cable is ideal for connecting projectors etc. Panasonic HDMI cable RP-CDHG80 will be available for approximately 20,000 Yen ($175) while RP-CDHG05 for 3,000 Yen ($26) from 15th September.
Via Panasonic (Japanese)