Panasonic Launches large 200-inch screen LED Display

Panasonic has released the “Astrovision/AZ-LE12F series” large LED display. The first large LED display is set at the new “Qiball” public-private complex building in Chiba City. The new display has 40% higher luminance of 5,000 cd/m2 compared with existing models. The Panasonic Astrovision/AZ-LE12F series large LED display screen measures 3 m vertically and 4 m horizontally (5 m diagonal, approximately corresponds to a 200-inch screen). Pixel pitch is 12.5 mm with each pixel equipped with a small SMD (surface mount device) type “3in1 LED,” which boasts excellent RGB blending. The LED display has also achieved color shift-free, smooth image rendering in its wide viewing angles expanded from the previous model’s horizontal 140 degrees and vertical 60 degrees to 145 degrees and 80 degrees, respectively.

The large Panasonic LED display supports 17-bit gradation and alleviates underexposure by raising the gradation of dark areas in the picture up to 128 times higher gradation.