Panasonic Launches New 1080p Full HD Series of Plasma TVs

picture4.jpgPanasonic today introduced the new high-end PZ700 Series of 1080p resolution VIERA plasma TVs including 42-inch TH-42PZ700SK and TH-42PZ700 and the 50-inch TH50PZ700SK and TH-50PZ700 models. With a moving-picture resolution of over 900 lines, the 1080p VIERA TVs deliver not only outstanding still images, but also display high-speed moving images like Olympic Games and Formula One car racing clearly and sharply. The four models feature a newly-developed anti-glare panel that reduces screen glare and reflective light that could occur in a bright environment. Panasonic has packed as many as 2.07 million (1,920 x 1,080) pixels into the 42-inch panel by developing thinner ribs and new fluorescent materials. The thin ribs improve the aperture ratio of each tiny pixel cell.
The new VIERA TVs inherit the popular and convenient VIERA Link that lets viewers control other compatible AV equipment such as Panasonic DIGA DVD recorders and home theater systems with a single remote control.

The 42-inch TH-42PZ700SK and TH-42PZ700 and the 50-inch TH50PZ700SK and TH-50PZ700 come with an SDHC (SD High Capacity) memory card slot that lets users view on a large-screen TV, photos or AVCHD standard videos shot with a LUMIX digital still camera or HD video camera. The VIERA plasma panels promise a long life of approximately 60,000 hours that means 20 years when viewed eight hours a day. They also feature speakers with diaphragms using paper made of bamboo fiber. Using bamboo contributes to conserving natural resources. The four models will be available in Japan on April 27.