Parrot Photo Viewer 7″ Bluetooth Digital Photo Frame

Display and share your most important photos digitally by sending them from your Bluetooth mobile phone or PC to the Parrot Photo Viewer 7. All the photos are transferred wirelessly by Bluetooth within seconds after taking a shot. The wide 7”TFT screen displays up to 262,144 shades of color for bright, contrasting photos with a resolution of 720×480 pixels. The display can be customized by adjusting the brightness. The backlight of the Parrot Photo Viewer 7″ screen automatically adjusts to the brightness of your room. The optical sensor acts like a dimmer switch; it increases or reduces the screen brightness according to the surrounding light. The Photo Viewer can be used both horizontally and vertically.

The photos and pictures stored will automatically be rotated and resized to match the position of the digital photo frame. Parrot Photo Viewer 7″ measures 222×25×178mm weighs 490g and will be available in Japan from early April for approximately 34,440 Yen ($295).