Pioneer DVJ-1000 DVD/CD player

The new DVD/CD player DVJ-1000 from Pioneer Corporation plays DVD’s and MP3 from DVD-R/RW too! This amazing unit allows you to manipulate video as well as audio – even scratching and looping with new performance “back and four sloop” function added. The player can verify the folder name and songs from the MP3 file with the MP3 navigator. The MMC/SD memory card allows recording also. The DVJs will also be able to use the DVJ-1000 to manipulate DVD visuals in exactly the same way as they would music. So real-time digital video scratches, loops and instant cues are all possible with the awesome DVJ-1000, while the video and audio streams always stay in perfect sync, even when they’re being reversed and pitched.

The Pioneer DVJ-1000 measures 320×408×109mm, and weighs 5.4kg.Priced approximately at 260,000 Yen ($2,245), DVJ-1000 will be available from September.