Pioneer S-A4SPT-VP pure malt speakers

The Pioneer Pure malt speaker S-A4SPT-VP is a high-class speaker system which uses whisky barrel material for the enclosure supplied from the Suntory Limited Corporation. The whiskey barrel is made from century old oak tree and the barrel is used for more than 50 years old. The more than century old barrel wood produces a soft, mellow tone that lingers in the air. White oak is one of the world’s hardest woods, which makes this unique cabinet extremely rigid. It suppresses unwanted cabinet vibration and enhances the driver’s performance, contributing to the superbly expressive sound. Each pair of speaker cabinets has its own unique wood grain and color. In addition, this high quality oak will continue to change to a splendid deeper color as time goes on.

The speakers with TAD (Technical Audio Devices) technology, 10cm diameter woofer, playback frequency range 50Hz – 40 kHz, 6 Ω impedance measures 154×213×246mm and weighs 3.7kg. The Pioneer Pure malt speaker S-A4SPT-VP is available in two different color grills-dark green and dark red. The speaker will be available from August first week for approximately 48,000 Yen ($420).
Via Pioneer (Japan)