Polaroid Digital Photo Frame with frosted glass effect

The Polaroid Digital Photo Frame XSJ-008431B features four photos on the screen display and a motion picture illusion effect that automatically pans and zooms your pictures, giving it the look of a real motion picture and adjustable frosted glass touches, such as wind and oils function effect function.The 8-inch display with 800×600 resolution frame features a clock with a calendar and timer to keep you always on schedule and 512MB internal storage for up to 2000 pictures.

The Polaroid Digital Photo Frame XSJ-008431B measures 255 × 38 × 214mm and weigh 102g. Available in black the digital photo frame is compatible with several styles of memory cards including SD, CF, MMC, SM and MS cards and supports video play back also. Polaroid Digital Photo Frame XSJ-008431B is available in Japan for approximately 20,000 yen ($205).