SAGEM My [email protected] RADIO- IP Radio of the future

With the first IP Radio SAGEM My [email protected] RADIO, you can enjoy the exceptional sound quality of digital music all around the house with a wireless connection. Sagem My [email protected] RADIO with Wi-Fi works through a wireless connection linked directly to the residential gateway (the Box), bypassing your PC and from anywhere inside the house. Meaning you can choose any one of 7,000 web radio stations worldwide, simply and intuitively with a remote control pad or from the integrated keypad. More, My [email protected] RADIO will memorize a list of your 500 favorite radio stations arranged in alphabetical order. And if you are not yet equipped with Wi-Fi, rest assured: My [email protected] RADIO also hooks up to the Box with an Ethernet cable. The Sagem Wi-Fi, My [email protected] RADIO offers direct wireless access from radio to all the MP3, WMA and WAV audio files stored on your PC. My [email protected] RADIO features a USB port on its front face in which to connect a USB key, an MP3 player or an external hard disk. The user can then browses directly through the folders stored there and listen to all the music files they contain.

Extending its primary radio function, My [email protected] RADIO can pick up all FM radio stations in RDS mode, simply, without a PC and without an Internet connection. This mode automatically finds all available radio stations and displays their name on the device’s screen. You can program 2 alarms, waking up as you prefer to a web radio, FM radio, a PC audio file, a USB key file or stirred more conventionally with a simple buzzer. 2 x 2 W stereo output with two high quality integrated speakers produce a powerful, crystal-clear sound that you can customize with 5 pre-set equalizer modes. Sagem My [email protected] RADIO is most definitely the indispensable audio accessory to enjoy the full potential of digital music in the home. The Sagem My [email protected] RADIO- IP Radio retails for approximately 149,99 € ($200).